Remembering Michael Nicolia

We are so saddened to share that our dear colleague and friend, Michael Nicolia, passed away on December 31, 2023, surrounded by friends and family.  

Mike joined ASM Research in 2004 and after many years of building relationships with customers and partners, he became our Director of Business Development and was part of the Executive Leadership Team. In his role, he oversaw business opportunities within the Department of Defense (DoD) Military Health System, civilian agencies, and the private sector, always keeping a personal touch that gave him and our company such a noticeable reputation.  

Mike served in the US Navy as a Naval Flight Officer – a Bombardier-Navigator (BN) in the A-6 Intruder, and he flew combat missions from his Carrier Strike Group.  After the Navy he continued to serve by helping the Department of Defense bring the best technology services in support of our country.  He joined ASM Research in 2004 and became an integral part of the team leading efforts in our Reserve Component systems, Medical Electronic Data Care for History and Readiness Tracking (MEDCHART), the Electronic Case File Transfer (ECFT) system, and multiple projects across ASM.  

Mike loved ASM, the people, the clients, and our mission. He loved what we brought to our clients each day and how we made (and continue to make) such a remarkable difference.  

Mike was the consummate networker – in the best way. When entering a room full of people with him, you would expect him to know most of the folks there because it seemed like he knew almost everyone. If it was one of those rare days when he didn’t know anyone as he walked in, you could be sure he would by the time he left. He would find ways to connect, whether it was a past project, a motorcycle club, a musical connection, or someone who knew someone. He wasn’t casual about that, though it may have looked that way at first. If he connected – and he almost always did – he would follow up and would always have at least one or two stories to share with anyone who had the good fortune to meet him.   

Mike touched everyone he met in a very special way that only Mike could. He always made it a personal connection. If you asked him a question about something from 15-20 years ago – he would recall it like it just happened yesterday. If you needed someone to talk with – he would be there to engage in a moment. If you needed help with something – you could count on Mike to be there and help. In a world full of unique individuals, Mike was one of the most unique. He will be missed.