ASM Research Sponsors Easterseals Advocacy Gala

ASM Research is pleased to be an Advocate Sponsor of the Easterseals Advocacy Gala. The event will be held in Washington, DC, on May 10, 2019.

Easterseals provides many essential services to our U.S. military veterans, including:
  • Serving people with special needs and disabilities
  • Providing high-quality, accessible, and integrated outpatient mental health care to veterans and family members
  • Preparing veteran and military spouses for long-term, meaningful careers through career coaching and recruiting efforts
  • Offering support and services to homeless veterans, which includes job training, counseling, and placement services to help them build a foundation to find and keep long-term employment
  • Providing support for military families whose children have severe disabilities
  • Offering adult day services for all veterans who need assistance during the day at their Adult Day Services centers

For more information about the Easterseals Advocacy Gala, visit www.advocacyawards.org. For more information about Easterseals, visit www.easterseals.com