CEO and Chairman Jeri Lassiter to Serve on Women in Government Contracting Panel

ASM Research, Inc. (ASM) is pleased to announce that our CEO and Chairman, Jeri Lassiter, has been invited to sit on the panel for Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce´s Women in Government Contracting. The GovCon Council and the Women in Business Group will present a panel discussion on Wednesday March 14, 2012 from 7:30 to 10:00 AM EST at the The Westin Tysons Corner. The theme is Starting, Growing & Succeeding as a Woman Entrepreneur. This event coincides with National Women´s History Month which is celebrated each year in March.

During the discussion the four panelists will highlight the characteristics that typify the different stages of the business cycle – starting, growing, and maturity – and draw upon their individual experience and the lessons they have learned along the way. The panel will feature four Female Executives in the Government Contracting Industry including Jeri Lassiter, President & CEO, ASM Research, Inc., Linda Rabbitt, CEO, RAND Construction, and Lynn Ann Casey, CEO, arcAspicio.

Jeri Lassiter is recognized for her exemplary leadership traits in the Corporate Public Sector for Small Business, and for her contributions and vision within the industry. She was the winner of last year´s Women in Technology Leadership Award which recognizes female professionals in the technology field who have excelled as mentors and leaders in their professional lives and in their communities. The award marked Ms. Lassiter´s advocacy, leadership development, networking, mentoring, and technology education of women in the information technology field.

Tickets for the Starting, Growing & Succeeding as a Woman Entrepreneur event are available for purchase at

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