Welcome to ASM Research!

We are excited that you have accepted our job offer and we trust that this message finds you mutually excited about your new employment with us. The following is a companion to the welcome email message that you received following your acceptance of our job offer.

Next Steps

You must complete three main steps in order to complete our employment screening process:


Background Check

Use the link provided on your welcome email to initiate your background check using our provider, Sterling

Personal Evaluation Form (PEF)

Use the link provided on your welcome email to provide information needed from you

Drug Test

Follow the instructions in a future message once steps 1 and 2 are complete
Step 1

Background Check

This search will be completed by our vendor, Sterling, who conducts background checks to meet our client’s requirements. The background checks encompass the following areas:

  • SSN/Identity Verification
  • Financial History
  • Enhanced Nationwide Criminal Search
  • Criminal County Searches
  • DOJ Sex Offender Search List
  • Address Verification
  • Employment Verification
  • Education Verification
Step 2

Personnel Evaluation Form (PEF)

DocuSign is the vendor used to capture this information during the screening process. ASM Research requests all personal information entailing your background, this information will be verified by the searches listed above. You will provide:

  • Full Name
  • Current Address
  • Current/Previous held Security Clearance/Investigation
  • Employment History
  • Education
  • Criminal History
  • Financial History
  • Drug Usage
  • other additional information used to determine suitability to begin work with ASM Research
Step 3

Drug Test

ASM Research is Drug-Free workplace. Therefore, a drug test is required to be completed by all applicants.  A urine sample is provided for a 5 or 8 panel test in order to verify compliance with our Drug-Free policy.

Important tips to prevent delays in your background check

  • Document Submission
  • Education Verification
  • Employer Verification

If you need to submit additional documents please use our HERMES Private Portal to do so.  Documents submitted via this portal are encrypted and automatically sent to ASM’s Security team. To submit supplemental information for your background check please follow the directions below:

  • Save the document locally to your computer
  • Navigate to https://hermes.asmr.com
  • Enter Passphrase: TZACAVGE
  • Enter the requested data and upload each document one at a time, or as one pdf file.

You will receive a “submission receipt” email confirming your document was received.

Provide the highest level of formal education in Sterling.  If this information cannot be verified by Sterling, the ASM Personnel Security team will require a copy of your diploma or official transcript through our private portal, Hermes (see Document Submission)

Provide the last 5 years of your employment history in Sterling.  Verification requires a valid e-mail address for your employers and a supervisor name. Alternatively, a valid proof of employment can be provided to Security directly.

You may upload any of the following as employer verification as an attachment to the e-application when submitting your Sterling, or provide through our private portal, Hermes

  • Pay Stub or Direct Deposit Slip(must contain: Your first and last name; company name and address and a date)
  • Letter from Employer on company letterhead confirming dates of employment (signed and dated); offer letters are not considered valid Proof of Employment
  • SF-50: in the case of federal employment)
  • Non-essential data, such as SSN or monetary amounts, may be redacted if you prefer.