BHDP Cited As A Model For Tracking Troops In The Medical Discharge Process

ASM Research’s Army Behavior Health Data Portal (BHDP) was recently cited in a article on the Army’s plans for a new IT system to manage the disability review process.  Bob Brewin reported “One new system being used by Army medical staff is the Behavioral Health Data Portal. As of March, 45 out of 57 Army behavioral health clinics and hospitals were using the portal to track troops diagnosed with conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder and substance abuse, according to Army Medical Command spokeswoman Maria Tolleson.

The portal includes a dashboard that allows Medical Command officials to see the status of soldiers in the medical discharge process and their deployment records. The data is integrated with deployment health assessments by clinicians and self-reviews, Tolleson said.”

The BHDP allows the Army to better assess, monitor, document and communicate behavior health conditions. “Situational awareness provides extraordinary support to the Soldier and their commanders,” stated John Fraser, ASM’s President and COO. “The processing of medical discharges and sharing data with the VA is an area of improvement where we can reuse programs like BDHP–thereby providing value, cost savings, a better experience for Soldiers and their families and significantly decrease the current backlog.”

The BHDP, an application created for the Army Medical Command, collects information from military service members and their beneficiaries, primarily for the purpose of behavioral health evaluation and treatment.  In addition to standard demographic and military service information, the system collects family history information as well as to ask standard behavioral health screening questions to help with the diagnosis of conditions such as depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).  This data collection, conducted using web-based, secured surveys in a clinic setting, transmitted back to the second part of the proposed application, a management application, where patients are checked in and their data can be viewed and analyzed by providers.

The BHDP application reports, in real time, the responses given by the patient and applies scoring rules to interpret the responses in order to give the providers a sense of where he or she should focus his or her care on that patient before speaking with them.  Over time, the system tracks changes to the patient’s scores enabling providers to determine how he or she are responding to treatment.

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