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Chief Operating Officer

Brigadier General (R) Russell Frutiger joined ASM Research in 2008, serving as the Vice President of Human Capital Transformation. In this position, he was responsible for providing tactical and strategic business development elements within the HR domain. BG(R) Frutiger currently serves as ASM’s Chief Operating Officer (COO) providing critical leadership essential to delivering quality to ASM´s customers and employees. BG Frutiger is responsible for ensuring ASM´s strategies are implemented successfully, that sufficient human, financial, and technological resources are available to fulfill ASM´s mission, as well as bridge the necessary business relationships and organizational structures.

Finishing his 34-year career in the United States Army, BG Frutiger retired as an Army General Officer from the Army Human Resource community. Throughout his military career he held positions worldwide, including in the continental U.S, Germany, Korea, and Iraq, leading and managing Soldiers. He served in three Joint positions which included Joint Task Force-Bravo, the Combined and Joint Staff, Korea and The Joint Staff. BG Frutiger has cultivated a proactive culture and innovative leadership style in all the positions he has held; some of his programs have been named best practices within the Army as well as corporate America. He was also recognized for his ability to manage human capital. BG Frutiger is a proven leader and subject matter expert. He holds a PhD in Organizational Management from Walden University, a Masters of Arts in Personnel Management Administration from Central Michigan University, and a Bachelor´s of Science in Psychology from the University of Alabama.

BG(R) Frutiger continues to provide insight into current DoD policies, DoD initiatives, and business development activities within the DoD space where ASM can bring direct value to the customer. His success within the military and government contracting arena will continue to be an asset in setting focus, priorities, and objectives for group initiatives and programs. BG (R) Frutiger is a proven leader for our country and ASM Research.

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